Congratulations, Jamie

Congratulations, Jamie
Congratulations, Jamie

Hi Jamie. Congratulations to you and the team for completing the Hurt 100 in Year One of the Wairua Spirit project. Well done. We are proud of you for your accomplishment.

There are many thousands of people around the world who use HeartMath techniques to deal with stress, fear, anger and frustration. There are others who use HeartMath to access deeper levels of intuition to guide their relationships and their businesses. You may be the first or one of the first to use HeartMath to help expand the level of endurance of the mind and the body in circumstances way beyond the capacity of the average human being.

As a humanity, we are now bringing science to what has been known for thousands of years, that the heart is the centre of wisdom and love in the body. And it is the heart states and the breath that take the body and the mind beyond the average human potential.

We look forward to your return when you share the struggles and your triumphs, and your journey with Wairua Spirit.

Gene Thompson
Triple M Holdings, Kondalilla Eco Resort, and The Heart at Kondalilla